Introducing Plexus Block The Newest Product From Plexus

Plexus Block: The Newest Offering from Plexus Worldwide

The modern Western diet contains large amounts of processed carbohydrates. The attention that the glycemic index, a measure of how easily a carbohydrate is digested, has received in recent years is just one example of how important simple carbohydrates have become. The truth is that complex carbohydrates, generally found in raw fruits and vegetables, require energy to break down. We still feel full when we eat them, but our total calorie gain is much lower. Simple carbohydrates are not only easy to digest, but their rapid absorption leads to spikes in blood sugar levels and, as a result, insulin. We get a higher calorie load from eating the same quantity of simple carbohydrates compared to complex carbs and we don't feel as full for as long. There is also evidence to suggest that the insulin spikes caused by high-glycemic-index simple carbohydrates can, over time, lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.

Plexus Block is the answer to simple carbohydrates and products with a high glycemic index. The product, produced by Plexus Worldwide, helps to block starches and simple carbohydrates from being rapidly converted to glucose (blood sugar). This helps to smooth out the spikes in glucose that lead to massive insulin release. The net result is a lower calorie load, fewer insulin spikes, and a feeling of fullness that lasts for longer after eating.

What Is Plexus Block?

Plexus Block is blend of brown seaweed extract and white kidney bean extract. Brown seaweed, of which there are several species, is known to inhibit the enzymes alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase. White kidney bean extract is known to inhibit alpha-amylase.

The enzymes mentioned above are responsible for the breakdown of starch into simpler carbohydrates. By blocking these enzymes, Plexus Block helps to ensure that simple carbohydrates are processed more slowly and thus blood sugar does not rise and fall rapidly. In short, Plexus Block is the natural way to fight the effects of high-glycemic-index foods and simple carbohydrates.

What Are the Benefits?

Plexus Block's primary benefit is in preventing the blood sugar spikes that lead to insulin spikes. Insulin is referred to as an anabolic hormone because it helps the body to build complex molecules. Unlike testosterone, which helps to build muscle, insulin helps to build fat deposits. Spikes in insulin convert the body from burning calories to conserving them in the form of fat. By blocking insulin spikes, Plexus Block is helping to prevent fat deposition.

Insulin spikes do more harm than the immediate deposition of fat, however. Over time, certain cells within the body become resistant to insulin and so it becomes more difficult to remove sugar from the bloodstream. The result of high blood sugar is type 2 diabetes, which can lead to everything from heart disease to serious problems with infections and even free radical damage that can result in cancer. By stopping the insulin spikes before they occur, Plexus Block is helping to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes and all of its associated complications.

Is It Safe?

Plexus Slim contains only natural ingredients and is not a thermogenic product. It will not change your metabolism to help you burn calories or lose weight. Instead, Plexus Slim helps you lose weight by ensuring that you don't gain weight in the first place. You can think of Plexus Slim as a preventative. It counteracts the effects of simple carbohydrates by making it harder for the body to absorb them, effectively turning them into healthier, more beneficial complex carbohydrates.

The Bottom Line

Plexus Block is an all-natural product designed to reduce the absorption of complex carbohydrates. In so doing, Plexus Block reduces insulin spikes, decrease fat deposition, and helps people to feel fuller for longer. All of these effects lead to weight loss and, more importantly, to improved health.

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